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To become a leading pre-primary and primary school, a quality reference for its innovative...



To create a successful and carefully resourced environment that encourage children to develop...

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Believe firmly in the potential of your children – our students...

Welcome to Triolet Branch - Orchard Kids

In January 1994, the bud of this centre of excellence blossomed at Triolet. Since then our main objectives have always been to bring up a child in all its various dimensions. Childhood is the most impressionable age. It has the ingredients of a soft clay which can be moulded in any way. It has always been the duty of our institution with the active participation of the parents and dedicated teachers to create the favourable atmosphere which would draw out the special talents, the particular inclinations and tendencies of a child and magnify these to their fullest extent.

We wholeheartedly extend to you our warm welcome to all the children, parents, carers and families. Your children will be provided all the facilities and opportunities to display their grandeur and distribute their fragrance, all around.

Orchard Kids provides learning within a safe school environment where everyone is helpful, considerate and respectful to each other.

The school also concentrates on making learning links with a level of challenge which encourages pupils to develop resilience, independence and persistence.

We want our children to be encouraged to explore ideas, reason, explain and justify their thinking.

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EDUCATION Développement, Orchard Kids : une nouvelle école privée à Hermitage

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Une seconde école privée Orchard Kids, à Highlands

Une deuxième école privée Orchard Kids est en construction depuis cette semaine à Hermitage, Highlands. Elle sera prête à accueillir des...

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The Founder of Orchard Kids (Article Page 8 and 9)

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Le Matinal

Mahadeo Custnea, directeur de l'école Orchard Kids, s’est dit, pour sa part, très fier de la création d'une nouvelle école dans le...

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