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Our School


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Morning Greeting

Every morning special people welcome every single learner individually. The warm and heartily welcome appeals positively on our young learners to spend and share a whole day in his/her own development. Orchard Kids, an oasis, offers a loving family setting environment which motivates cordiality - a vital element in growth and development monitoring.

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  • Spacious building
  • Light airy classrooms
  • Neat and clean kitchen
  • Large dining hall
  • Safe and accessible playground

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As we prioritise a 'sound mind in a sound body' and as we believe in 'you are what you eat', we have at heart what every child consumes. In this connection, we offer the following meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon goúter. The nutritious, healthy meals offered commonly under close supervision is also a fertile moment to reinforce learning.

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A door to door service is available in the catchment area to help children travel to and from school safely and easily.

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Medical Assistance

We provide a monthly medical follow-up. All pupils are under a personalized medical care service headed by the school doctor. Our service also includes a biannually dental care for all pupils by the school dentist.

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Orchard Kids has a clear vision to create an ICT-enriched learner. We integrate the creative use of ICT to empower both learning and teaching skills that foster lifelong learning opportunities. We undertake specific sofwares to enhance theme-based classroom activities. Our role is to turn all our pupils into confident and happy learners.

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Science Lab

We have a fully equipped science laboratory to improve the quality of science teaching and learning throughout the school. It is a learning environment aiming to improve the learning experience for children and help to raise aspirations for all children.Effective teaching and learning of science involves a perpetual state of show and tell Orchard Kids combines classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that the students grasp each and every concept thoroughly.

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Learning outside

At Orchard Kids, learning does not only happen indoor. We strongly believe that children ?learn it by living it?. Our hard working team creates more opportunities for our children to have exciting and valuable outside classroom learning experiences contributing towards an overall learning development. The exploratory educational tours enable our pupils to observe, investigate and learn more about our surroundings and what our country has to offer.

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Arts Room

A special classroom has been set up for the teaching of Arts. Our pupils work under the guidance of two specialist teachers. It's a real pleasure to see our pupils working with a joyful ecstasy. Making pictures allows children to express their feeling and ideas, both as a means of self-expression and to communicate to other. Pictures encourage to think about and understand the world visually instead of restricting learning and the acquisition of knowledge to words and numbers alone. It is a skill used in a wide variety of professions, including the sciences as well as the arts.

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Importance of Physical Education

IEducation without physical education is not complete. Mere mental and moral development is not enough. At Orchard Kids we consider the physical education as a very important component in the curriculum.

The school has provided a green grassy and well kept playground for the kids to practise games and sports under the supervision of a coach.

We believe that games and sports are great builders of health and character. They help in the building of a harmonious all round personality.

Every system of education lays much stress on the utility of games and sports in life. The physical education helps the children in the development of sound minds in healthy bodies.

Games and sports provide an ideal recreation for the children. As the saying goes, " All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy."

The right principle of life is : " sometimes to work, sometimes to play."