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Our School

Educational Philosophy

At Orchard Kids, we incorporate our educational philosophy through:

An exciting and constructive environment

Our students feel thrilled at the prospect of going to school and at the same time get fully involved in the creative and positive environment. They learn without realizing that they are learning. And that's what we believe in: learn in a fun way.

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A caring classroom community

We take pride in our staff, especially our teachers who are a part of our school community and they nurture the children just like a parent does. No wonder our kids don't feel they are away from home. Our teachers know well how to bond professionally with the children and get the most out of their individual creativity and uniqueness. They understand completely that each child is a unique gem and every child has some qualities or the other hidden in him/her. Thus, they observe keenly each and every child and help them develop and flourish.

Inculcating thinking minds

Our goal is not to think on behalf of the kids or to put pre-conceived ideas in their minds, but to develop thinking skills in the child so that as he/she grows, he/she is capable of taking the right decisions on his/her own. We encourage innovation, free thinking, and creativity in our kids because we believe a thinking child is a progressive child.

Integration of learning experience outside the classroom

We believe no amount of bookish knowledge has any positive effect or influence on the child till it is not related to real world and real life experiences. So an effort is made at every step of learning to make the whole process full of real life anecdotes, involving the child's all five senses in feeling and experiencing the concepts taught. We trigger their little minds, and instill a desire in them to be curious because curiosity leads to creativity, exploration and thirst for knowledge.

Fostering positive values

We believe no child is fully educated till the time he doesn't learn basic values like "kindness", "humility", "courage", "forgivingness", "helpfulness", "respect", and "responsibility", so we make a conscious effort in the classroom to inculcate the same in the child. At Orchard Kids we continually practice a fun and effective way in modeling and cultivating character in our young learners. We engage the hearts and minds of our children in distinguishing right from wrong.

Creating a learning environment for success

At Orchard Kids, you will find children taught individually, in groups and as a class. We see to it that the lesson plans are carefully designed so that children of differing abilities are able to cope with the same concept easily and comfortably. Our study material is best suited to the child's overall development as well as knowledge of specific areas. We tailor our teaching to the requirements of the child.