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(05) Testimonials

Mr & Mrs Aryenand Hujoory

It has been a great pleasure for me to be a parent at Orchard Kids School of Excellence since the year 1998 till now. The Director's vision does not limit to the extent of providing quality education but to coach youngsters and transform them into a responsible citizen of tomorrow.
The team of teaching and non-teaching staff has always been very caring and helpful. The yearly pass rate of CPE also delineates the success of the school.
My eldest daughter, now in secondary school, is reaping the benefits of Orchard Primary education. The second one still in Std V is also pursuing a good level of studies.
There is no doubt in confiding to Orchard Kids School of Excellence. Rest assured that your child is in safe hands.

Sheena BUNGSRAZ - London - UK


It feels like it all happened yesterday. I can still remember my first day at Orchard Kids and being dropped by my mother at school. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I dreadingly left her arms not knowing what was awaiting me. After a few minutes of my hectic crying and consoling from Mr BAICHOO - The SchooI Manager, I would proceed to my classroom.

We were a small group of no more than twenty and we all got along really well. Gradually, I gave up on my regular morning cry fits. How could one not, after receiving that much love and affection from everyone at school! Indeed, going to school every morning felt like leaving one home to go to another.

Thinking back of my good memories always leaves me smiling, but out of the best ones are: the awesome gardening sessions in kindergarten, my very entertaining lunch breaks, the very productive swimming classes and most of all the very interactive learning sessions.
However, there is another facet of Orchard Kids which has brought it ahead of the pack. This is its everlasting belief in the potential of its students. As a kid, I was always encouraged by my teachers and other seniors to do better and better - whether it be in the classroom, in the swimming pool or even in gardens.

I believe that growing in such an environment and the great sense of belonging that it has brought to me, has enabled me to always achieve the best. The initial result of this was my brilliant success at CPE exams in 2001 which has led on to many others and has now enabled me to pursue higher education in one of the world's best universities - Imperial College, London. I will be so grateful to what I shall always call it as - MY SCHOOL, ORCHARD KIDS.

As a founder pupil, I am proud to see how successful my school has been over the years. Orchard Kids has brought the best out of me and will, forever, be etched as my best childhood memory.

Mons et Madame Louis - Pte aux Cannoniers

J'ai entendu parler d'Orchard Kids à travers mes collègues qui avaient déjà leurs enfants dans le même établissement et de ce fait ils m'ont encouragé à choisir Orchard Kids pour ma fille Laeticia.

Ma fille a beaucoup appris de cette école et quand aujourd'hui je vois ses résultats je sais qu'elle a eu un bon baggage chez Orchard Kids.

Tout d'abord la discipline y' règne et avec tout ce qu'on entend en dehors on est rassuré. Il y aussi la méthode d'enseignement qui me semble-t-il est différente des autres écoles. Dès la première année, en Standard I et ce jusqu' à la Standard VI, j'ai vu le progrès constant de ma fille, que ce soit au niveau de sa dictation, sa lecture et surtout sa volonté de vouloir apprendre et de toujours surpasser. Ensuite la possibilité d'activité tel que la natation qui existe à l' école encourage et aide beaucoup les enfants. En plus il n'y a pas eu lieu de prendre des leçons particulières.

En tant que parents, à chaque fin de trimestre, quand Laeticia apporte de bons résultats à la maison on est tous très contents et très encouragé par sa performance.

Depuis la Standard I jusqu' à la Standard VI, Laeticia a donné le meilleur d'elle même et ce grâce à tout ce don't j'ai fait mention et aussi surtout grâce à ses professeurs qui l'ont guidé tout au long de son parcours scolaire. Aujourd'hui, je suis fier des résultats de Laeticia qui a réussi brillament ses examens de CPE avec 6 A +.

Je remercie très vivement toute l'équipe d'Orchard Kids.

Mr and Mrs Rajeshwar Goodary - Melville - Grand Gaube

Our son Yeshvin Goodary just completed his primary education with flying colors and succeeded in obtaining 6 A+ for his CPE. Both of our children Yeshvin and Dujisha joined the Orchard Kids at the tender age of 2% yrs and 3 yrs respectively. They were almost babies but we had no doubt in the way the personnel would handle our child at this early age. We appreciated the love they received from members of the staff at the Orchard Kids, which helped to build up their self confidence.

Today, Yeshvin's success is largely an outcome of collaborative work between Orchard Kids Primary School and the way parents are invited to involve their children both at school and at home.

The curricula at Orchard School are designed for young children and operate in a warm and caring atmosphere. Yeshvin developed skills that not only built his confidence but also developed a strong sense of security. These qualities and characteristics are vital in equipping children to make the transition to secondary education and the wider world. The advantages of the earlier and formative years bring much success later on and we feel that Orchard Kids makes this a high priority.

Our children got the pleasure of learning from experienced and qualified educators who provide a stimulating program and maintain a close relationship with us, their parents. We have been extremely impressed by their high standard and their ability to deliver outstanding lessons which the children thoroughly enjoy. This approach provides a seamless day for children studying at Orchard Kids.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to all the staff, at all level. We acknowledge the professionalism of Mrs. Sarojini and Mr. Callychurn in the pedagogical field without forgetting the special care they received from Mrs. Kamla and Mrs. Marina. Finally, big congratulations to Mr Baichoo and his entire team in making the Orchard Kids a real school of excellence.

Mr & Mrs Aryenand Hujoory

Quand ma fille Mégane est née, je me suis fais la promesse de toujours lui donner tout ce qu'il y a de mieux et cela inclue la meilleure éducation possible. C'est pour cela que j'ai choisi Orchard Kids comme école pour elle.

L'école ne m'a jusqu'à présent pas déçue et je suis fière de dire que Mégane va à Orchard Kids. Cette institution est exemplaire en termes d'éducation et de qualité pédagogique. Le suivi dont dispose Mégane est satisfaisante car non seulement on l'a suit académiquement mais aussi psychologiquement. Je trouve important qu'il y ait une bonne communication entre les professeurs et les parents et à ce sujet les maitresses de Mégane ne m'ont pas déçu.

Elle aime beaucoup son école et le personnel de l'établissement est très serviable et amical, même le chauffeur du van que Mégane surnomme 'Chacha' compte beaucoup à ses yeux. Les activités comme la piscine aussi démontrent que Orchard Kids ne se focalise pas seulement sur le coté académique mais aussi sur le développement intégral de l'enfant et je pense personnellement que tout cela est important de nos jours.

Je souhaite qu'Orchard Kids continue à Oeuvrer pour l'avancement et le développement des enfants mauriciens qui demain seront les leaders de ce pays. Bon continuation !!