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Our School


In January 1994, the bud of this centre of excellence blossomed at Triolet. Since then, the fragrance has never stopped appealing to most families and children in the catchment area. Increasing number of parents have joined Orchard Kids to enjoy the nectar of a future successful life. The brief journey has seen the initial cohort of 22 students to magnify today to attain the three digit figure of 500. This success is the aura of permanent professionalism. The trust of those parents is not coincidental. It is the outcome of a planned learning environment which consists of, among others,

  • An appropriate vision
  • A highly secure and comfortable environment
  • A balanced and well-rounded curriculum
  • A mature committed staff
  • Welcoming pastoral care
  • Excellent innovative facilities
  • Superb services
  • Motivating results
  • Confirmed values

Every year most of our students are admitted to National Colleges and other prestigious and most coveted institutions of the island and the percentage passes at Grade 6 level each year is always 100 % and since then parents trust and confidence started growing and this glowing, success has encouraged the setting up of a "Five Star School" in "Les Plaines de L'Hermitage in 2010.

A dynamic team of competent teachers is at the helm of this reputed institution to guide our students towards progress and success. The Orchard Kids of Les Plaines de L'Hermitage is innovative and is looking for productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential.

Starting school is a momentous and unforgettable event in your child's life. It is an exciting and delightful time. Our school usually means some big changes in your ward's life, for example, separation from family, new feelings, new friends, new environment and new experiences. As a parent you assist your child learn many things, such as walking and talking - you are your child's first teacher.

At Orchard Kids we encourage you to continue your valuable role in the learning and teaching of your child, with your unflinching support, your precious and valuable help, we are moving towards the horizon of perfection.